There are statistics About people like me and I often wonder On what side of the bell curve Will all my friends and I fall SWD 11/2020

I Jumped

Standing at the edge of a cliff That I always knew I’d peer over someday After years of preparation I’m ready to take this dive And flee the hoard of wolves Always trailing behind Scared to death to leap But more afraid to turn around So with nothing but faith I jumped Never again to…


Born and raised Far from the place I would call my comfort A stranger in my hometown Visiting from a concrete haven These streets I memorized Get harder to walk On my last stroll I hope to get lost And stray from the road Maybe discover something new A small redemption To bring me back…

I Knew a Boy

I knew a boy With long blonde hair And eyes wider than the moon Always fixed on the next adventure The clothes he used to wear Were chosen with care And so was the makeup, shoes and hair To fit into the box he was given I know a boy Who cut his hair And…


College was the first time I heard “non-binary” A term I had never spoke But somehow always knew the meaning As if it had been dancing on the tip of my tongue Since the first time I got in trouble for standing up to pee SWD 11/2019