My Heart and My Brain

There is a disconnect between my heart and my brain Like a married couple who hate each other And stopped keeping track of anniversaries years ago But will never accept of the idea of divorce Bickering from the moment I open my eyes Never can they compromise on a single topic Forced to live in…

Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees

I wish to outstretch my limbs Grow tall and sturdy with a raised chin But gentle enough to let the world in Fold creatures beneath the safety of my leaves Absorb the sun and catch the breeze Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees SWD 04/2018 Updated 06/2019

the empty space shaped for me

society is a puzzle the elite edges usually come first encompassing the middle class pieces and determining the overall picture i was told to do my part to settle into the empty space shaped for me so i chipped away at myself until i no longer fit SWD 12/2017 this wasn’t written about elections but…

Holding Back Tears

My eyelids feel like Soaked sponges and, if I blink Too hard, they will leak SWD 05/2018

Second Sunrise

Each morning you are beside me I awake to a second sunrise The first floods from the window The second shines through your eyes SW 11/2016 (I wrote this piece in November 2016 but painted the watercolour to accompany it a year ago in March 2017)