Parallel to a Forest

I wish to outstretch my limbs Stand tall and sturdy against strong winds But gentle enough to let the world in Offer shelter within my leaves Soak up the sun and catch the breeze Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees SWD 04/2018 Updated 12/2020

My Heart and My Brain

There is a disconnect between my heart and my brain Like a married couple who hate each other And stopped keeping track of anniversaries years ago But will never accept of the idea of divorce Bickering from the moment I open my eyes Never can they compromise on a single topic Forced to live in…

the empty space shaped for me

society is a puzzle the elite edges usually come first encompassing the middle class pieces and determining the overall picture i was told to do my part to settle into the empty space shaped for me so i chipped away at myself until i no longer fit SWD 12/2017 this wasn’t written about elections but…

Holding Back Tears

My eyelids feel like Soaked sponges and, if I blink Too hard, they will leak SWD 05/2018

Second Sunrise

Each morning you are beside me I awake to a second sunrise The first floods from the window The second shines through your eyes SW 11/2016 (I wrote this piece in November 2016 but painted the watercolour to accompany it a year ago in March 2017)