I don’t know what You truly deem bad But I’m sure I haven’t done enough good To outweigh my contributions SWD 01/2020

Sinking Ships

We watch ships come and go from our docks everyday Waving them on past the horizon until they return Though some never make it back to our shores Leaving us to wonder what could have happened on their venture If they made it to the destiny for which they embarked Or met an unbeatable storm…

Flowers in your hair

Let me stick compliments in your head Like flowers in your hair Tack memories of your smile On a cork board behind your eyelids Dust off the bookshelves That hold your hopes and dreams And repaint that room of a skull With the kindest of colors SWD 01/2020 Here’s to a new decade. May it…


Born and raised Far from the place I would call my comfort A stranger in my hometown Visiting from a concrete haven These streets I memorized Get harder to walk On my last stroll I hope to get lost And stray from the road Maybe discover something new A small redemption To bring me back…

Packed Bag

Am I somewhere in your packed bag The one you keep in case of emergency Or urgency Folded neatly between your clothes Or forgotten and shoved in last minute Am I even on your checklist SWD 12/2019

Beneath the Moon

The grass was dewy And cool against my skin The wind danced away With our smoke clouds The sky was dark But scattered with stars The moon hung high Full bodied and brilliant When I kissed you Beneath her glow Spring tides were not The only waters disturbed My oceans stirred My heart rode immense…

I Knew a Boy

I knew a boy With long blonde hair And eyes wider than the moon Always fixed on the next adventure The clothes he used to wear Were chosen with care And so was the makeup, shoes and hair To fit into the box he was given I know a boy Who cut his hair And…


College was the first time I heard “non-binary” A term I had never spoke But somehow always knew the meaning As if it had been dancing on the tip of my tongue Since the first time I got in trouble for standing up to pee SWD 11/2019

My Mind’s Captor

I go home each day And make the conscious choice to Not take my own life Some days it’s easy To shake those terrible thoughts But most days it’s not My mind’s captor is Cunning and cruel but I won’t Go down so easy SWD 10/2019