Work Day

Rustling of paper Click clacking of keys Whispers of small talk Among dozens of screens A small bit of light Through a lonely window creeps Along the bland carpet Until the work day has ceased SWD 02/2017

Love can feel like…

I am getting married next year. I have been tossing the word love around in my head a lot and making sure I have a grip on my own understanding of how it feels and what it means. I thought of how I equate finding love to finding a perfect career. When choosing a career that may be permanent why not be diligent in finding what you love and care about before committing? Shouldn’t dating be the same? He and I seemed to blend so well with one another, though nothing is perfect. No matter how effortless a relationship or occupation may feel at most times, everything takes effort and dedication. I am truly excited to be marrying my best friend next October and cannot wait to face the challenges of our future endeavours.