I Jumped

Standing at the edge of the cliff That I always knew I’d peer over someday Ready to take this dive After years of preparation And flee the hoard of wolves Always trailing behind Scared to death to leap But more afraid to turn around So with nothing but faith I jumped Never again to touch…

My Thousand Yard Stare

I would depict my consciousness As a smaller version of me Sitting behind my eyes’ lenses Observing everything they see I would depict my anxiety As a grey and monstrous storm Lying dormant in the shadows Until something upsets the norm Then with lightening in its veins And gangling long appendages It wraps up my…


I carry these pills Like the tin man’s oil can Constantly am I Reminded of my Rusty edges and hollow Disconsolate chest SWD 01/2018 Updated 06/2019

My mind is a prison

My mind is a prison The prisoners, my thoughts But I am the warden Holding keys to those locks Never easily persuaded To open up and let them out Afraid of what they might do ‘Cause I am the only guard about The only one that understands The messes they can make Most the time…


A parasitic vine That slithers up your spine And digs through your rib cage To take your body hostage It mangles up your heart and mind To reasoning you become blind And if you let it take your soul You may never regain control NSTW 03/2018

A rut in my mind

I have a lot of thoughts Running through my head You have made a lap or two Or three Or ten… There is a rut In the shape of a circle Where your shoes have dug into my cerebral cortex I never told you to get out of the race So I attempted to fill…

Thoughts Like Scabs

I have thoughts like scabs in my brain I often space out Not realising when I Pick Pick Pick So much They become much larger wounds Never healing completely Until my mind is blanketed in scars SWD 01/2018