I Jumped

Standing at the edge of the cliff That I always knew I’d peer over someday Ready to take this dive After years of preparation And flee the hoard of wolves Always trailing behind Scared to death to leap But more afraid to turn around So with nothing but faith I jumped Never again to touch…

Walk With Me

Take a walk with me Through the overgrown grass That is my mind Where I have mostly traveled alone Through paths difficult to clear To turn the page Is to hold my hand Be gentle as we travel And gingerly step over fallen thoughts SWD 09/2019

Wandering Herd of Lost Writers

I see the hours you dedicate Mulling over rhymes Nights observing the pen in your hand Hoping it will leap forward and write I see the beautiful chaos You scribble onto pages The radiance of your sunshine And the war within that rages Homogeneous creatures Poets can often seem Like evolved from some great ancestor…


Defining lost, it’s Less of a physical state More of a feeling SWD 01/2018