How often do I Pack those who never wanted To travel with me SWD 04/21

The life that I’ve created

Look at the things I’ve collected The life that I’ve created The space I now let myself hold Even if others hate it I’m filling the room With tears and smiles I’m taking my time But going for miles I’m ready to make A big ol’ mark To love my light And nurture my dark…


I just liked being Liked by you, and that’s not a Way to love someone. SWD 07/2021


To say we are each Connected to the universe Is an understatement It would be like saying A seed is connected to the flower The seed is not only connected It was born from the flower And very much a part Of the flower’s being And as new flowers Can blossom from the seed New…


I finally read Stone Butch Blues And I think I understand why my mind Wanted to push this story aside It hurts just as much as I thought it might And its nudging open doors that I’ve been barricading since childhood SWD 03/2021 Stone Butch Blues


I wanna love that belly of yours Massage the thick barrier Protecting the system that keeps you alive Press my hands into its softness Kiss my finger tips along its gentle curve Make you think “Fuck anyone that says my belly isn’t beautiful” SWD 02/2021


Richard Dick The voice in my head That wants me dead Has lost a lot of power Since I gave him Such a fitting name SWD 01/2021


I love the inhale When my surroundings Rush to mingle With my own atoms I love the exhale When they dance Gracefully together Out of my chest SWD 01/2021