I didn’t know what I was looking for When I started pulling weeds from this garden I just saw my plants were dying And dug through the soil Thinking it would be obvious what needs to go But by the time I had finished There was nothing left unturned SWD 09/2019 Advertisements

Walk With Me

Take a walk with me Through the overgrown grass That is my mind Where I have mostly traveled alone Through paths difficult to clear To turn the page Is to hold my hand Be gentle as we travel And gingerly step over fallen thoughts SWD 09/2019

I don’t tell you enough

You are so beautiful But I don’t tell you enough I silently admire from afar You make me so happy But I don’t tell you enough All the ways you’ve touched my heart You are so loved But I don’t tell you enough Just how incredible you are SWD 08/2019 Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


We often joked about dying in a spaceship together Blasting off above clouds That looked like cotton fields Toward the woman in the sky we both fell in love with And wrapping up our wanderlust-filled adventures With the most exciting one of them all Our eyes have cherished the moon At her most brilliant moments…


I’ve been counting the grains on this shore Hoping we can share just as many seconds With the size of this beach We should have all the time in the world But I can’t seem to keep you or the sand From slipping through my fingers SWD 07/2019

Rebel Child

My father always Wanted daughters for they are “Easier to raise” But I’ve always been A rebel child as proof of What chaos we make SW 05/2018 Updated 07/2019


On your front porch Where intolerance cowers below a rainbow flag We sat around an ash covered table Listening to a symphony of lively songbirds Sharing cigarettes, tea and sleepy glances Your eyes still struggled to awaken And you hair stuck up in a few places As if it were stretching towards the sky And…

Beneath the Moon

The grass was dewy And cool against my skin The wind danced away With our smoke clouds The sky was black Except for the one light We came out here to see The moon hung high Full bodied and brilliant I kissed you beneath her glow Spring tides were not The only waters disturbed That…

A Million Pieces

I would break my own heart Into a million pieces And scatter them across oceans Let each shard drift as far as it pleases Just to keep you from fully possessing it again A few may find their way back to you For they’ll never quite shake the Stockholm But I’d find comfort in knowing…