How often do I Pack those who never wanted To travel with me SWD 04/21


I just liked being Liked by you, and that’s not a Way to love someone. SWD 07/2021

Box of Letters

My heart holds A box of letters Not all pleasant But all important Some have been So tear soaked That I can no longer Read the words That helped usher in My self-doubt SWD 01/2021


Wildfire, wildfire My, how you spread From thawing hearts To burning heads Marveled by your light Most fail to see You slowly but surely Consuming their trees First a small flame To help them keep warm Then fanning your flames ‘Til they pray for a storm SWD 07/2017 Updated 09/2020

My Heart and My Brain

There is a disconnect between my heart and my brain Like a married couple who hate each other And stopped keeping track of anniversaries years ago But will never accept of the idea of divorce Bickering from the moment I open my eyes Never can they compromise on a single topic Forced to live in…


Write until it rips your heart And then write some more Write until the dripping spout Breaks and you must pour Write about what heals your soul Write about what hurts Write about the best of days Write about the worst Write when you feel most alive Write when you feel death Write until your…

A Million Pieces

I would break my own heart Into a million pieces And scatter them across oceans Let each shard drift as far as it pleases Just to keep you from fully possessing it again A few may find their way back to you For they’ll never quite shake the Stockholm But I’d find comfort in knowing…


Don’t offer all yourself at once I always expect more With no regard to your heart Or the pieces on the floor Don’t say you’ll give me your all Because I am much too needy I will take with little to return For I am far too greedy SWD 02/2018 Updated 06/2019

These Pages

These pages are like a beautiful church With stained glass and high steeples Begging to be loved and worshiped By flocks of lost people The outside view is immaculate But once you have wandered in You will see the elaborate tomb I’ve built To hold and hide my own sin SWD 07/2017 Updated 07/2018