Parallel to a Forest

I wish to outstretch my limbs Stand tall and sturdy against strong winds But gentle enough to let the world in Offer shelter within my leaves Soak up the sun and catch the breeze Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees SWD 04/2018 Updated 12/2020


Wildfire, wildfire My, how you spread From thawing hearts To burning heads Marveled by your light Most fail to see You slowly but surely Consuming their trees First a small flame To help them keep warm Then fanning your flames ‘Til they pray for a storm SWD 07/2017 Updated 09/2020

Walk With Me

Take a walk with me Through the overgrown grass That is my mind Where I have mostly traveled alone Through paths difficult to clear To turn the page Is to hold my hand Be gentle as we travel And gingerly step over fallen thoughts SWD 09/2019

The forest for the trees

It has been hard to see The forest for the trees While standing in between With arms wide open Swaying in the breeze Memorizing the shapes of leaves And names of all the bug species Bent down on my hands and knees Planting seeds of my own To make this forest a home Knowing I…

Oh! To be as resilient as a forest

Oh! To be as resilient as a forest Branches bending and breaking Only to grow in new directions Rivers meeting great boulders Though none impede the flow Family and friends, the suns in my sky With radiant beams to pierce my leaves Light the footpaths within myself And encourage flowers to bloom SW 04/2018