Flowers in your hair

Let me stick compliments in your head Like flowers in your hair Tack memories of your smile On a cork board behind your eyelids Dust off the bookshelves That hold your hopes and dreams And repaint that room of a skull With the kindest of colors SWD 01/2020 Here’s to a new decade. May it…


I didn’t know what I was looking for When I started pulling weeds from this garden I just saw my plants were dying And dug through the soil Thinking it would be obvious what needs to go But by the time I had finished There was nothing left unturned SWD 09/2019

Freedom to bloom

Planted in a garden Too small for me to grow Uprooted to a strange city To find myself a home The illuminating lights Warmed me from inside My roots could finally stretch For this garden’s long and wide I came here for the sunlight And abundance of room But stayed for the adventure And freedom…


Life was suffocating Every hardship felt like a pound of dirt Being thrown over my body Until I couldn’t see the sun Or feel anything other than the weight of the Earth It wasn’t until I anchored my roots And mustered enough strength To push my head above the soil That I realized I hadn’t…


Friendships, like flowers Pushing through concrete, blossom In some strange places SWD 01/2018

Root Bound

I’m growing in a strange direction On a poorly lit windowsill Reaching for sunlight Well admired but over-watered By someone unprepared To care for my kind Now I’m root bound in this pot That was never going to be Big enough to hold me At my fullest potential SWD 07/2018

Love is a flower

Love is a flower Planted in us all Some nurture the roots Others watch petals fall But even when destroyed Love can regrow In the very spot it wilted And in full bloom Not all of its seeds Will produce new gardens But love does not cease to be carried In all directions by the…