Wildfire, wildfire My, how you spread From thawing hearts To burning heads Marveled by your light Most fail to see You slowly but surely Consuming their trees First a small flame To help them keep warm Then fanning your flames ‘Til they pray for a storm SWD 07/2017 Updated 09/2020


I used to collect rocks as a kid Well, I guess I still do Since there is an assemblage of them Somewhat arranged on my bookshelf now   While searching for more Rocks I found would slip through my fingers Landing on the shore or plopping into the water To land among the ones I…


Like the succulent I left at work And couldn’t water for three months because of quarantine You, too, will grow more without me SWD 06/2020

Same Tension

I wonder if you feel the same tension as I can In this roughly 700 square foot apartment The same serenity that settles your mind When you find me asleep on the couch The same butterflies in your stomach When I flash a sleepy grin in the morning The same desire to be the bottles…


You and I Like the sun and moon Unable to reach out Or touch one another The closest we get Creates an eclipse Drowning out light Dulling all colour SWD 09/2016 Updated 03/2020

I Jumped

Standing at the edge of a cliff That I always knew I’d peer over someday After years of preparation I’m ready to take this dive And flee the hoard of wolves Always trailing behind Scared to death to leap But more afraid to turn around So with nothing but faith I jumped Never again to…

Spoiled Milk

I am subtly rotten Like the milk in my fridge yesterday That I had to try three times In order to finally decide it was no good The first sip didn’t seem bad The second was questionable But at the third I was certain It couldn’t be stomached Yes, I am tempting enough to try…

Courage to Sail

Every morning I roll from my bed and face life Like planting my feet on the shores of an ocean And staring out into a blue expanse Vast and mysterious It calls me to venture out and explore Yet I stay here with my toes in the sand Watching the daylight rise and fall upon…

New Day

The sun rises in the distance The world  briefly ablaze Arms of red and orange Stretch along the horizon Hugging the Earth’s surface Light greets the morning Ushers in a new day And reminds me that I, too, can restart SWD 05/2019 Updated 03/2020