College was the first time I heard “non-binary” A term I had never spoke But somehow always knew the meaning As if it had been dancing on the tip of my tongue Since the first time I got in trouble for standing up to pee SWD 11/2019 Advertisements

My Mind’s Captor

I go home each day And make the conscious choice to Not take my own life Some days it’s easy To shake those terrible thoughts But most days it’s not My mind’s captor is Cunning and cruel but I won’t Go down so easy SWD 10/2019

My Restless Love

They don’t sleep much at night For their head is filled with music And beats that keep their hands busy They dance sometimes Too giddy to rest Or maybe just to fill the time While most of the world dreams But some nights they lie real still Though their eyes do not seem to close…


Write until it rips your heart And then write some more Write until the dripping spout Breaks and you must pour Write about what heals your soul Write about what hurts Write about the best of days Write about the worst Write when you feel most alive Write when you feel death Write until your…

Moving In

Falling for you is like Moving into a home I’ve been eyeing for some time And wanting to paint love On every wall But I have to be mindful Of the past left in certain rooms I may have moved in With huge bags of stuff To renovate and redecorate But there is a story in…


Defining lost, it’s Less of a physical state More of a feeling SWD 01/2018

I Jumped

Standing at the edge of the cliff That I always knew I’d peer over someday Ready to take this dive After years of preparation And flee the hoard of wolves Always trailing behind Scared to death to leap But more afraid to turn around So with nothing but faith I jumped Never again to touch…


I didn’t know what I was looking for When I started pulling weeds from this garden I just saw my plants were dying And dug through the soil Thinking it would be obvious what needs to go But by the time I had finished There was nothing left unturned SWD 09/2019