Blue Light

Constantly reaching for the blue light That seems to hold my whole life My calories eaten and grocery lists Steps walked and places to visit Stupid games about candy and birds Pictures of family, friends and lovers Hell, I’m writing this now From thatĀ palm-sized, impossible machine We’ve all voluntarily locked ourselves inside SWD 06/2019


Don’t offer all yourself at once I always expect more With no regard to your heart Or the pieces on the floor Don’t say you’ll give me your all Because I am much too needy I will take with little to return For I am far too greedy SWD 02/2018 Updated 06/2019

Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees

I wish to outstretch my limbs Grow tall and sturdy with a raised chin But gentle enough to let the world in Fold creatures beneath the safety of my leaves Absorb the sun and catch the breeze Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees SWD 04/2018 Updated 06/2019

The Most Sour of Days

Life tossed lemons from the clouds today But I felt like dancing in the puddles anyway Let the juices sting my cat scratched ankles And my tongue stuck straight out To taste the bitterness of each drop I hope to cherish the sweetest days of life While graciously accepting the most sour as well SWD…

Intertwined Flames

Her room was dark and quiet The sound of a lighter Cut through the black Followed by an image That’s been burned behind my eyelids Since I kissed her goodbye The flame beneath her pierced nose Caught the floral arrangement in her hand And lingered in her eyes’ reflection The flame within my chest Singed…


I didn’t know her But I knew I wanted to Stumble into her eyes And get lost in the gray Reminiscent of the smoke on her lips And surrounding a deep black center That holds her fears and dreams Oh, how I wished to meet her in the latter SWD 06/2019  

Free Spirit

Their free spirit Runs faster than Any light travels A camera flash And they’re gone Leaving you with Only a fuzzy Picture of their Smile and a Poorly detailed memory They live life As high as The moon hangs And as free As birds fly I wouldn’t change What we have The beauty of Loving…

Love Myself

I want to love me So much that I would not be Scared to die alone SWD 06/2019    

Happy Birthday

Every New Year’s You’re reminded of how much life is ahead One hundred and forty-nine days later Sometimes one hundred and fifty You’re reminded of how fast life passes Today is the latter And concludes your twenty fourth trip around the sun Though that doesn’t seem long It’s been a pretty wild ride You may…