Courage to Sail

Every morning I roll from my bed and face life Like planting my feet on the shores of an ocean And staring out into a blue expanse Vast and mysterious It calls me to venture out and explore Yet I stay here with my toes in the sand Watching the daylight rise and fall upon…

New Day

The sun rises in the distance The world  briefly ablaze Arms of red and orange Stretch along the horizon Hugging the Earth’s surface Light greets the morning Ushers in a new day And reminds me that I, too, can restart SWD 05/2019 Updated 03/2020

Self Love

I want to love me So much that I would not be Scared to die alone SWD 06/2019  Updated 03/2020  

Tangled Roots

I found myself looking for validation in you Solely basing my self worth on your opinion And you are in no way to blame for that I craved the confidence I felt While standing by your side Or more like clinging to your shoulders You were quite right to leave You had the courage to…


We often joked about dying Together in a spaceship Blasting off above clouds That looked like cotton fields Toward the woman in the sky We both fell in love with And wrapping up our wanderlust-filled adventures With the most exciting one of them all Our eyes have cherished the moon At her most brilliant moments…

Beer and Lavender

She tastes of beer and Lavender, of which my lips Cannot get enough SWD 02/2020


I used to mark my skin With insults and a small blade Hated myself in so many ways That when I attempted To carve “FAG” into my thigh And the G was too hard I changed it to “FAT” And still felt a blow to my confidence I continue to mark my skin Only now…


I don’t know what You truly deem bad But I’m sure I haven’t done enough good To outweigh my contributions SWD 01/2020