Curious Beyond Belief

Curious beyond belief Desperate to be good Too stubborn to follow rules That many say I should Though I talk to You each morn I question it every day But hopefully You understand If You made me this way SWD 06/2018 Updated 01/2021


Research is often Not about what you find But what you don’t find And life has felt Very much the same way Constantly searching For my place and meaning And finding it more helpful To figure out Where I don’t fit Than where I do SWD 01/2021

Parallel to a Forest

I wish to outstretch my limbs Stand tall and sturdy against strong winds But gentle enough to let the world in Offer shelter within my leaves Soak up the sun and catch the breeze Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees SWD 04/2018 Updated 12/2020

My Office

My office Is the center And I don’t mean like the star of the architecture or the focal point the building I mean like dead center As in completely surrounded by the rest of the bustling hospital My office Is closed off No one may enter without a badge That tells the doors you are…


I made it to one year on testosterone Transitioning has been a complete surprise I assumed, at the beginning, that it would feel like giving up a part of myself Or erasing the past to make way for my future I was prepared for it to feel like a raging battle within my soul Instead,…

Mundane Fantasies

I’ve never quite had This yearning before For the presence of strangers Such mundane fantasies Of standing in line for the bathroom Too close to the next person waiting Being the last one To squeeze into a full elevator And hoping no one can smell the coffee on my breath Shaking someone’s hand When meeting…