Happy Birthday

Every New Year’s You’re reminded of how much life is ahead One hundred and forty-nine days later Sometimes one hundred and fifty You’re reminded of how fast life passes Today is the latter And concludes your twenty fourth trip around the sun Though that doesn’t seem long It’s been a pretty wild ride You may…

New Day

The sun rises in the distance Briefly the world is ablaze Arms of red and orange Stretch along the horizon Hugging the Earth’s surface Light greets the morning Ushers in a new day And reminds me that I, too, can restart SWD 05/2019


Life was suffocating Every hardship felt like a pound of dirt Being thrown over my body Until I couldn’t see the sun Or feel anything other than the weight of the Earth It wasn’t until I anchored my roots And mustered enough strength To push my head above the soil That I realized I hadn’t…

Long Hike Up A Mountain

Waking up feels like the start Of a long hike up a mountain On days I am able to make it to the top I search for hope to fill┬ámy wagon Though I always come back empty No matter how much I have gathered To stock up for days I can’t climb None of the…

The Water Runs

The water runs cold or freezing Though seconds ago it burned I just want something to soothe me What a strange lesson to learn The water runs cold or freezing The pipes refuse to pour Anything other than the harsh truth That the world is not always warm SWD 04/2019


Silence used to scare me And the way it can fill a room But as my head sinks into the bath The water plugs my ears Surrounding sounds are suppressed And my malicious mind is muffled I realise silence is all I’ve wanted SWD 04/2019

4 Minutes

8:15am Questions set before me “In the past few weeks, have you wished you were dead?” Rolls off my tongue but litters my head Anxiously awaiting an answer   “Yes.” Breathe Move on   We’ve all asked ourselves this one “Have you wished you were never born?” With only few years lived They still said…

Wondering and Wandering

Your mind my wonder And sometimes even wander But don’t go too far It is easy to Get lost and lose sight of the Place where you began But that doesn’t mean You must give up adventure Just go holding hands SWD 04/2019

Meditation Mantra

In through your nose Out through your mouth Feel the rise and fall of your chest Focus on breathing Don’t get lost in thoughts Let your mind and body rest SWD 01/2018