Mundane Fantasies


I’ve never quite had

This yearning before

For the presence of strangers

Such mundane fantasies

Of standing in line for the bathroom

Too close to the next person waiting

Being the last one

To squeeze into a full elevator

And hoping no one can smell the coffee on my breath

Shaking someone’s hand

When meeting professionally

And wondering if the sweat exchanged was my own

SWD 12/2020

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  1. Exactly how I feel now with all these social distancing mandates. I don’t think any of us ever truly realized just how psychologically damaging the lack of human contact can be until this year. Just standing near someone and striking up a conversation is healing because it lets us know we are not alone. Social distancing hurts. Thank you for sharing this very important poem.

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  2. Marilyn says:

    I love your writing. I have never felt what you describe, but the way you wrap your words helps place me in that world.

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