I used to collect rocks as a kid

Well, I guess I still do

Since there is an assemblage of them

Somewhat arranged on my bookshelf now


While searching for more

Rocks I found would slip through my fingers

Landing on the shore or plopping into the water

And settle among the ones I left


How wonderful it is that I was usually able to find them again

How precious that I can discern which one was special to me

While others may only see a simple rock

SWD 08/2020

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  1. James McEwan says:

    Yes, I have a fascination for small stones and rocks. I have found minor fossils, and I am sure I have the small remains of a meteor.
    I enjoyed you poetry.

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  2. Ron. says:

    Eminently relatable. Salute!
    In a similar vein, I thought you might enjoy this:

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  3. JeNom says:

    I can relate.

    The feeling of excitement at recovering one of my ‘unique finds’ is always wonderful, and sometimes elicits a childlike squeal of excitement from me.

    Thanks, Shllyn.

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  4. Hi Shllyn,
    Maybe it’s because I have taught creative writing and I am prone to over-analysis, but when I read your last stanza I felt as if the rocks could be symbolic for relationships. It made me think of relationships that were special and those that were not. I really enjoyed this poem and read it several times to understand meaning beneath the words.

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