I came out today


I came out today

Peeked my head from the closet

Where I hung my doubts

Like warm winter coats

Worn when the world seemed cold, then

I stepped out today

Faced the frigid air

Without any protection

And slammed the door shut

The sting of the wind

Subsided and Spring sprung when

I came out today

SWD 04/2019

Reposted 09/19/2019 because I finally came out to our entire department at work today and I cannot even describe the amount of relief and support I feel.


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  1. @Patricia@ says:

    elegant, simple, beatiful…

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  2. Geoffrey Church says:

    Love the line about hanging your doubts like warm winter coats. Sometimes they are indeed comforting 😊

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  3. Leonard says:


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  4. Speak your truth. Nobody should have to hide who they are. Your words are absolutely beautiful. Blessings to you.

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  5. This is amazing. Congratulations for taking that step of bravery. Wishing you the best.

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  6. Karthik Rajeev says:

    This is just so very well put into words!!

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  7. kipparcuriel says:

    I am so happy you claimed the opportunity to come out. Welcome to the outside of the closet. Hope everyone makes you feel welcome 🙂

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  8. Brad Osborne says:

    May you find power and peace in being your true self always!

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  9. annie says:

    So touchy and happy for you

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