I didn’t know what I was looking for

When I started pulling weeds from this garden

I just saw my plants were dying

And dug through the soil

Thinking it would be obvious what needs to go

But by the time I had finished

There was nothing left unturned

SWD 09/2019

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  1. Turhon. Poet of the Ages. says:


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  2. As a reader, I get the feeling that there could be a double emotional meaning to this piece. It seems the narrator cleared away the clutter (weeds) that perhaps had obscured the narrator’s view (and movement forward). Effective poem.

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  3. shllyn says:

    Yes, absolutely! I wrote this about being so focused on getting rid of bad stuff (weeds), and not taking time to really determine what is necessary to get rid of, that I sometimes accidentally get rid of some good stuff too (flowers)

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  4. I can totally relate. Have a wonderful week!

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  5. jupitergrant says:

    Wonderful đź’–

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  6. kipparcuriel says:

    Wonderful poem. It’s oftentimes difficult to differentiate the good and bad when you’re trying to get rid of what’s weighing you down. I hope you find what’s good for you and allow those flowers to thrive!

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