My Thousand Yard Stare

I would depict my consciousness

As a smaller version of me

Sitting behind my eyes’ lenses

Observing everything they see

I would depict my anxiety

As a grey and monstrous storm

Lying dormant in the shadows

Until something upsets the norm

Then with lightening in its veins

And gangling long appendages

It wraps up my consciousness

In inescapable clenched fists

While holding onto my eyelids

Trying to ride out the hurricane

My mind loses grip and surrenders

To the malevolent downpour of rain

In the tenebrous posterior of my skull

Though it attempts to struggle and shout

My mind cannot make my body move

Or get any words to come out

My thousand yard stare is internal

Not the distance I set my gaze

But how far my consciousness is dragged

From its seat behind my face

SWD 03/2018

Updated 08/2019

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  1. Lovely theme, plot and tone. Amazingly written.

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  2. depatridge says:

    Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog.

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