A Series on a Dusty Bookshelf


I could say I’m an open book

But that’s a lie

I’m more like a series

Lined up in order on a dusty bookshelf

The first book gives the reader general insight

With twists and turns woven in later chapters

I’m happy to lend the first book to anyone willing to read it

Some people judge by covers and hand it back immediately

Some people just don’t have the time or effort to get through the first one

Some people are willing to read the whole thing

But don’t quite understand

And never ask for the second book

There are few people who stick with it

Curious as to what the next has to offer

However, like a series

Following chapters don’t always live up to expectations

Sometimes they do

Sometimes readers go in with no expectations at all

Never fulfilled nor disappointed by the end

Only able to check this off as another bland read

There is no wrong response

Because no one has to read my series

I’m happy to share my story if asked

But cannot claim to be an open book

SWD 10/2016

Updated 07/2019

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