Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees

I wish to outstretch my limbs

Grow tall and sturdy with a raised chin

But gentle enough to let the world in

Fold creatures beneath the safety of my leaves

Absorb the sun and catch the breeze

Oh, to grow parallel to a forest of trees

SWD 04/2018

Updated 06/2019

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  1. poetryfromtheinkwell says:


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  2. sgeoil says:

    This is lovely!

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  3. waughpaper says:

    This is just gorgeous.

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  4. kunstkitchen says:

    Trees! Thanks for following my blog.

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  5. 5amt3n says:

    Your wonderful blog is my latest discovery. I love your poetry! ❤ As I read this post I can't help but think what a beautiful way of looking at the world. Thank you for that.

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  6. 5amt3n says:

    I know that I have only just discovered your blog thanks to you liking a post on my blog (thank you for that), but after reading some of your poetry I truly wish to nominate you for a Blogger Recognition Award. I have read only a few of your poems so far, but I loved every single one of them, so, if you wish to accept this award, I nominate you. https://imprintswemake.com/2019/06/21/blogger-recognition-award/


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