Kansas City

I wake up in my favourite city

One that greeted me a few years ago

When I was eager but also scared

Towering steel structures welcomed me home

I used to wonder how to find motivation

How to get out of bed everyday

How to face life head on, fearlessly

And this city has shown me a way

It guides my doubts between light posts

And through crowded downtown streets

Reminds me with constant bustling

I am not alone when I can’t sleep

SWD 09/2017

*Updated* 03/2018

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  1. joem18b says:


    was just on the phone to Kansas City yesterday.


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  2. Nice! I lived in Blue Springs, MO many, MANY years ago. I used to love going to Chiefs games and going downtown. I even worked at a couple of Shoney’s restaurants in the city a few times. You’ve kindled some fond memories today, thank you!

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  3. oldpoet56 says:

    Nice insight to your reality ma’am. I have been to KC many times before when I was still able to work (long haul truck driver). My sister went to the Methodist Seminary there each summer for 5 yrs. I never had any trouble with anyone there, everyone there except the Kenworth Shop was fair and honest, they weren’t, they were a huge ripoff. But over all I only have good impressions of the city and the people of the area.—So its nice to meet you ma’am.

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