Paper Vault

I have a terrible memory

So this paper is a vault

I used to type them out

But that was easily lost

They scatter my bedroom

Windows, desk and floor

Stacked up to the ceiling

Blocking view of the door

I won’t let my mind get out

And misplace thoughts again

They will live forever

Dripping from this pen

The only way to lose them

Is to light a match

Start a flame

Burn my name

Leave ashes to detach

SWD 08/2018

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alienmess says:

    That is exactly what I must do. I feel the same about writing… But I must burn some later…

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  2. NSTW says:

    I definitely agree. This piece is about something that actually happened to me. I used to write and store everything on my laptop. One day it crashed and I unintentionally lost everything I had ever written since before junior high. It took a long time to write again but I finally decided to start writing in a notebook and on this blog, my “papers”. It felt more secure, like the only way to now lose it is to intentionally erase this blog and burn the notebook. And you are absolutely right, sometimes we have to burn some later but at least we’ll know we meant to. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing!


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