Dear Reader

I wanted to plant an astonishing garden

Chose seeds I thought you might like

Over-watered the soil everyday

And built in a place with little sunlight

But it has all been for you

The pale petals and wilted leaves

Beads of sweat and dirty knees

The flowers may be dying

Give me credit for creating

Or the very least for trying

SWD 01/2018

Updated 06/2018

Sometimes I feel like I am pushing out poetry to please an audience, to get constant approval. Many times those pieces sprout and die off quickly like a garden that was planted incorrectly and never properly cared for.

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  1. Alien Ideology says:

    Nice symbolism.

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  2. This is an amazing piece of art that has a satirical way of expressing one’s ideas.
    Beautiful indeed, my poetess friend! 💜

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  3. Matt says:

    And what a lovely garden it is ☺
    In the end though, it is your garden and as long as you enjoy tending to it, the visitors will enjoy the time they spend here.

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  4. shllyn says:

    That’s beautiful:) thank you

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  5. Matt says:

    You’re very welcome


  6. …pale petals….all over..nice


  7. I just love everything about this! Beautifully done!

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  8. Christine Bolton says:

    Keep planting and nurturing your words, they are beautiful. Every word you write is first for you and then us.

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  9. shllyn says:

    That is beautiful, Christine. Thank you!


  10. Peter Notehelfer says:

    You come at grace through the back door . . .

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  11. shllyn says:

    I have many times before, yes. Writing helps me come to those realizations.

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  12. shllyn says:

    I actually really appreciate your comment because that is exactly what this poem is about. I feel this was kind of a call to my readers for help to figure out why I felt I was going astray.

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  13. Peter Notehelfer says:

    Sometimes by providence when we feel like we’re lost in the woods we’re actually being led to new places by the grace of the Spirit. May it be so for you, my friend . . .

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  14. Amen! I love this. Thank you for the beautiful garden you plant with your words.

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  15. robgradens says:

    Nice work! Thanks for giving me a follow. I’ll do the same for you 🙂

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  16. I so resonate with your words. True that!

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