Float Like A Whale // Question?

Beautiful faces

Powerful voices

Social norms

Independent choices

Never too soon

Never too late

Never trust doubt

But never trust “fate”

Follow your dreams

Follow your heart

Follow the beat

That sets you apart

Share your life

Tell your great tale

Sink like wreckage

Or float like a whale

SWD 06/2018

This poem came from my strange interest in whales; I think they are beautiful, intelligent creatures. I stumbled upon a site that read “When a dolphin or whale dies, the air in its body may disappear or even be replaced by water, causing it to sink. A few species of whale and dolphin (including the right whale and the sperm whale) appear to be positively buoyant even when dead, which causes them to float” (Dolphin Communication Project). Now I know it is all just buoyancy differences, but in my dark mind I somehow ended up relating these beautiful creatures and how some of them continue to float after death to people and how only some of us “float” (which I guess in this sense could mean “are remembered” or “leave an impact or something behind”) after death.

Question: Do you believe some people are born with better abilities to “float” than others like the natural differences in buoyancies between whale species? Or do we choose to be “more buoyant” and “float”? Or a little of both?

Oh boy, it’s too late to be thinking this much.😅

4 Comments Add yours

  1. pvcann says:

    It’s contentious I guess, but I’ve always believed make our own lives what they are, so our bouyancy is environmental formation as I see it. I don’t think we’re destined or worse, predestined at all.

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  2. Christine Bolton says:

    I love this poem. Beautifully written.

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  3. shllyn says:

    I really appreciate this view and I think I agree. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. pvcann says:

    Thank you.

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