I am in the driver’s seat

I stopped arguing for a second

Felt the silence in the car

So thick I could breathe in and suffocate

I wanted to slice through it with anger

And rage

And impulsiveness

ADHD infects my rationality

So in our moment of reticence

I focused my attention on each inhalation of each breath

The road disappearing beneath our car

The faux leather steering wheel clutched in my fingers

The way his face glows in the morning sun

As he casts his thousand-yard stare out the window

I forgot the silly reason we fought in the first place

And remembered that I am in the driver’s seat

SWD 02/2018

Updated 05/2018

I still have no clue what we fought about that day but I can remember how it felt to let the anger build up inside of me. I am trying to be more conscious of when I let my ADHD do too much of the talking instead of my rationality.

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