The Teal Blue Journal

I am writing thoughts in the teal blue journal

Grasped in my hands at all times lately

Or crammed into my purse just to carry for comfort

Conversations I used to have between me, myself and I

Secretly in the hallways between brain cell blocks

Are being had on blank, ivory-colored paper

Deciphering the cacophony and organizing my mind

Without having to stumble so much over incoherent ramblings

Lines on each sheet serving as sound proof walls

One voice in my head gets to speak at a time

And the arguments I used to end up in

Have become orderly and civilized

SW 03/2018

One Comment Add yours

  1. Matt says:

    This sounds like a good idea, which I may try at some point. But I’m afraid I’d come to miss the arguments and chaos in my mind. :/

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