Like a frog on a lily pad

I’ve been taking a mindfulness class and doing a lot of meditation lately. I told my fiancé that when we meditate I feel like a frog on a lily pad. I get distracted by my thoughts that come wizzing by like flies and some times, like a frog, I latch onto those thoughts. Meditation is the practice of letting those thoughts pass by, ignoring the buzzing flies and being aware of their presence without reacting to them.

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  1. Matt says:

    I just think, ‘Why have thoughts only to ignore them?’ I like latching onto them randomly. You never know where you might end up. It’s like having a Wikipedia black hole inside your head.

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  2. shllyn says:

    “Ignoring the flies” was probably a bad analogy but mindfulness meditation is extremely beneficial. I work in developmental and behavioral research so I’m being careful not to fall into any mumbo jumbo hippie bullshit stuff that tells you to pretty much shut off your mind. Mindfulness is just a tool I use to help manage my ADHD.


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