My office is…

My office is

In the center of the building

And I don’t mean center like the star of the architecture

Or the focal point of its magnificence

I mean like dead center

Like the middle

As in completely surrounded by the rest of the bustling hospital

My office is

Closed off

No one is allowed into the surrounding hallways without a special badge

That tells the doors you are important enough to permeate their frame

My office is

Tucked away

In between beautiful cartoon murals

And brightly coloured lobbies

To help children cope with the dreary reasons they are actually here

My office is

Within those murals

Through those locked doors

Down hallways that are only painted a dim beige

Because childlikeness ceases at that black box controlling the doors

My office is

Blocked off from outside

No windows built to bring in sunlight

Oh, how my office is analogous to my mind

SWD 01/2018

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